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Holman Dial Ezy 6 Station Irrigation Controller Indoor

Holman Dial Ezy 6 Station Irrigation Controller Indoor

Product Code:CO4406
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Dial EZY Controller
The Dial Ezy is available in a 4 and 6 station configuration. Designed for residential applications, this controller has four separate start times and a station can be assigned to a maximum of four starts per day. Each start time can be set as a seperate watering schedule. Different areas may require individual watering schedules because they use different types of sprinklers. The stations (valves) will water in sequential order from the lowest number at the start time (or times) nominated and on the days selected. Maximum watering duration for a station (valve) is 12 hours and 59 minutes. This controller is great for low pressure and drip irrigation systems.


Flexible Watering Schedules: This controller offers various watering day options to suit your local environment or watering restrictions.

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Water Saving Feature: An innovative feature of this controller is the water saver feature which allows quick adjustment of the station watering times by percentage as the seasons change. Another water saving feature is the installation of a rain sensor. This controller has a rain sensor switch in the fascia so you can enable or disable the rain sensor control function. Multiple Manual Operations: Run a start – a group of selected valves on the same start time, Run an individual station – water only one station or Run a test cycle – runs all stations for 2 minutes, great for maintenance and to test the entire system in one simple step.

DIY Installation: Easily suited to the DIY handyman with simple installation and system set up.

Battery Back – Up: 9 volt block battery backs up pre-set information & maintains clock for 2 weeks.

Compact Design Suited for indoor installation, this stylish design mounts neatly on interior walls.

  • i) Interval watering allows everyday to every 15th day or
  • ii) Individual watering day selection for particular days of the week or
  • iii) ODD/EVEN watering days, depending on your house number.