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Grundfos SQFlex Solar Bore Pump Kit

Grundfos SQFlex Solar Bore Pump Kit

Product Code:SQ-Flex Solar
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Grundfos solar bore pump kits come with high quality German solar panels and Dutch pumps, the panels and pump together offer high efficiency, renewable energy that are available in a wide performance range. With 10 different pumps sizes and a choice of solar panel arrays a suitable solution can be found for your needs.

  • The kit can also be powered by wind turbine and/or a generator (Wind Turbine/Generator not included in kit).


The Kit Includes:

  • 2x 250watt Solar Panels
  • 1x Bore pump 1000 l/h - 3000 l/h  50m H
  • 1x Pressure Tank
  • 1x Pressure Switch
  • 1x Brass 'T' ( for pressure tank and pressure switch assembly)
  • 1x Bore Cap
  • 1x CU 200 SQFlex Controller
  • 1x IO 101 SQFlex Switch
  • 1x Solar panel frame (including all clips and connectors)
  • 1x Solar panel Post with panel angle adjustment


The Grundfos solar kits are a cost-efficient alternative to irregular, cost-intensive water supply solutions in remote locations(eg. Wind Mills). It provides individual solutions to water problems where conventional water supply systems fail or simply cannot reach. 

The complete SQFlex pump range consists of 10 different pump sizes: 4 helical rotor pumps for medium to high heads and low to medium flows, and 6 centrifugal pumps for shallow heads and high flows. It is available in AISI 316 stainless steel for slightly aggressive water. The pump is fitted with a high efficiency motor for DC or AC voltage. This makes pump sizing and selection extremely easy.


Being designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation, the SQFlex system is especially suitable for water supply applications in remote locations, such as:

  • Villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc.
  • Farms – watering of cattle
  • Watering applications
  • Conservation areas
  • Floating pump installations for pumping of water from ponds and lakes.


Features and benefits

  • Dry-running protection with automatic restart prevents pump damage to the pump
  • Stainless steel pump casing for long service life
  • Carbon Ceramic bearings ensure high reliability
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) ensures even and high system efficiency regardless of power source
  • Two way communication between the control unit and the pump eliminates the need for additional wires
  • Wide voltage range 30-300 VDC and 90-240VAC makes installation and sizing especially easy