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Galcon GQ 8 Station Indoor Irrigation Controller

Product Code:GQAC8PIT
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Galcon GQ controller is the ultimate user-friendly irrigation controller for home landscape and drip line watering systems up to 8 stations. Easily connected to the home’s power system using the plug transformer provided.


  • 3 Programs A,B,C
  • X support program for lighting circuits,pond,fountains
  • Upto 8 stations plus master valve / pump start (requires relay)
  • Stations can be allocated in all three programs
  • Water times from 1 minute upto 4 hours
  • Upto 4 daily start times per program
  • Start times using Cyclic period selection from 1 to 30 days
  • 7 day watering calender, Odd & Even day selection
  • Cancellation of all or selected days (prevents watering regardless of settings)
  • Seasonal water budgeting 10% - 190%
  • Rain off shutdown from 1 - 240 days
  • Manual activation of a single station or by program A, B, C
  • Valve test mode, run valves individually also allows checking for shorted valves
  • Rain sensor shutdown connection (sensor optional)
  • Battery back up saves current time and day in the event of power loss
  • All programming saved in memory during power failure

Electrical - indoor mount only

  • Plug in transformer input: 240vac - 50Hz, 28va
  • Plug in transformer output: 24vac - 0.8A
  • Operate: Master valve / Pump start & 1 solenoid valve (inrush not to exceed 0.4A)
  • Battery back up: 1 x 9V alkaline battery (optional extra)
  • Battery back up saves current time and day