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Biowish - Septic Tank Rescue  Restores Failing Septic Systems 4 pk

Biowish - Septic Tank Rescue Restores Failing Septic Systems 4 pk

Brand:Biowish Technologies
Product Code:st003
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Helps Prevent Back-ups


  • Digests solids and reduces the need to pump out
  • Treats up to a 2500 gallon tank or up to 4 bathrooms
  • Safe for all plumbing and pipes
  • Reduces odors
  • 100% natural and non-toxic

Ideal for:

  • General preventative maintenance
  • Odor removal
  • Booster for heavy loads
  • Booster after long periods of inactivity

Available sizes:

  • 3.5oz packet in a box (100g) x3

    1. Use each packet in the following order: Day 1 - Restore, Day 7 - Boost and Day 14 - Maintain.
    2. Flush toilet before applying treatment - preferably at night. Do not use disinfectant cleaners on toilet bowl prior to dosing.
    3. Open packet and pour contents into toilet bowl. For homes with multiple toilets, divide contents evenly between toilets.
    4. Leave and do not use toilet bowl for 30 minutes to provide time for Septic Rescue to activate.
    5. Flush toilet bowl to introduce Septic Rescue into the septic system. For best results, do not use toilet or run hot showers for at least 4 hours after flushing packet contents.